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My Perfumes was established by founder and chairman, Mr. Firoz Baugwala in 1993. Since then its aroma has being serving perfume connoisseurs across UAE with its authentic Oriental & French perfumes. The culture of UAE is greatly revered by My Perfumes and it has been an integral part of its heritage because it preserves values, traditions and exudes elegance in abundance. It feels great to have known this land for over two decades, comprehending what people need and serving them with perfumes that perfectly define their personalities.

The world of niche fragrances has exploded in modern years and some traditionally niche companies are becoming very well-known and out of which My Perfume Select is one of the company where you can find multiple brands which include French and Oriental Fragrance but not limited to fragrances. We are proud to offer our niche Fragrances as a Franchise in the name of My Perfume Select

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Crafted impeccably to soothe your senses, this scented candle jar is a delightful gift to yourself. Light it when you want to relax and enjoy the comforting fragrance as it wafts around you.

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